The Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC) was approached by the honorable Mayor Donald Grebien to begin work on the Pawtucket Benchmarking and Management Study. RIPEC has conducted in-depth research on areas to increase efficiencies and has collaborated with Pawtucket’s members of the Executive, Finance, Planning, Public Works, and Public Safety departments to implement more efficient practices. This document seeks to offer additional and holistic insight into Pawtucket’s City Administration management, as well as capture the changes made over the past year within the City Administration as a result of its collaboration with RIPEC.

In this document, you will find the following sections:
•    Overview;
•    Baseline Analysis;
•    Organizational Analysis;
•    Financial Forecast;
•    Labor Management;
•    Best Practices;
•    Mergers and Consolidations; and
•    Considerations and Recommendations.

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